The Kafkaesque universe of classroom math

Uri Treisman says:

When you visit most math classrooms it’s like you’re in a Kafkaesque universe of these degraded social worlds where children are filling in bubbles rather than connecting the dots. It’s driven by a compliance mentality on tests that are neither worthy of our children nor worthy of the discipline they purport to reflect.


3 Responses to “The Kafkaesque universe of classroom math”

  1. Can you expound on that?

    I hear you, but you’ve not gone beyond the point of watercooler whinging.

  2. I took the time today to watch the whole video. I liked it a lot.

    I would never have watched it based on the quote in the OP. While it’s an interesting quote, even the speaker only alludes to other discussions of testing and doesn’t expound on his own commentery. , This quote doesn’t relate to the big takeaway — that poverty and race are more correlated to performance than anything else.

    Discussions about teacher metrics are only a huge distraction from the real issues.

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