One Response to “Schools that empower students to make a difference [VIDEOS]”

  1. These two videos are a perfect way to allow teachers to think outside the box. When taking in consideration of the type of world we are preparing our young children for, we need to keep the learning environment up to date also. The first video has a great way of giving the students a chance to interact with the community. It also gives the students an opportunity to take their noses out of the books and experience real life interaction. Things don’t always happen how the books describe it so it is great to allow the students to think for themselves. I believe that the second video gives a great example as to the classrooms being used compared to the jobs offered at the time. Yes we do still have rows of desk that resemble the rows for assembly lines. We need to change that. Giving the students the chance to change it for themselves give them a sense of accomplishment. It also gives the teachers hope of bringing creativity back in the classrooms. After all we cant always rely on the cookie cutter effect. Who knows whats next.

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