Sometimes I read things like this post from George Couros and am uplifted that some educators are working hard to transition their schools into a digital, global era:

Take a twenty minute period in my life as evidenced below.

I read a blog post found in my Reader feed, which leads me to a link on YouTube, that leads me to a quote, which leads me to the person who stated the quote, to find a link on their Twitter profile, only to find another article on something that I would have never found myself.

I could go on from there, and I eventually will, but it is just amazing how one item, leads to another, and another, and so on.

That is how learning should be: continuous, connected, and meaningful.

And then I have exchanges like the one I had yesterday (excerpts are below) and am reminded about how far we still have to go.

No recognition that our knowledge environment is completely technology-suffused… No recognition that at what is apparently a great school, students could do amazing and powerful things with technology…