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  1. I just wrote a blog post based upon the video I saw in yours. It is at



  2. Dear Dr. McLeod,

    In your October 18, 2012 blog, you write that you meant to post Jim Spencer’s video a while ago. Now, one year later, you refer your blogees to “Technology Will Not Fix Education” again. Philosophically, as a guru of school technology leadership, what prompted you to post this again? Has anything changed for you in the past year? What makes its lesson residual?

    Thank you!

    Sincerely yours,

    Susan Smith, MS Ed
    (Jayson and Justin’s student)

    • Thanks for the comment, Susan. I don’t remember referencing this post or video recently. Can you point me to what you’re referring to so I have a better chance of answering your questions? Thanks!

  3. Dr. McLeod,

    It is the 5th related post referenced in today’s blog.



    • Got it. That’s not a new, intentional reference by me. That’s from a WordPress plugin that tries to look at any given post and then find 5 related ones on the blog that also may be of interest.

      So nothing’s really changed for me in the past year regarding this video. Obviously I think technology is important. But it’s a means, not an end, to other critical learning and life outcomes. And, as John Spencer notes, it’s not magic that will fix whatever ails us in P-12 or higher education.

  4. As educators, it is so important that we keep renewing our intentions to guide students to find happiness and fulfillment in their personal, interpersonal, social and career lives.

    Thank you!

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