Is it any surprise our learners are so dependent?

Because school defines learning as passive, learners come to see education as something done to them. When students are stuck in the middle of a problem, they don’t try and figure out what makes sense to do next; instead, they try to remember what they are supposed to do. If this is the premise for learning, is it any surprise that learners become less autonomous, more dependent, and ultimately mindless?

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  1. John Jensen Ph.D. Reply October 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Joe–Good point, but a prior distinction helps explain. How is the thinking different between a student who knows and can explain a subject end-to-end, and one who is barely familiar with a few assignments and has never been challenged to produce overall understanding of the subject? “Making sense” of a new angle is easy for the former and hard for the latter. The prior problem, in other words, is that instruction is not designed to produce a mastered body of knowledge. We need to remedy this need first, and then we have a body of understanding to which to add qualitative elements.

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