The importance of basic academic skills … and much, much more

The following table represents the responses in 2005 of representative samples of American adults, state legislators, school board members, and school superintendents. They were asked to rate the relative importance of 8 broad public school goals. Note the emphasis on things other than just basic knowledge and skills.

I’m guessing that we would get similar results today, across geographic locations, educational levels, and income strata. How have we allowed the conversation on education to become hijacked? And, more importantly, how do we reclaim it?


Source: Economic Policy Institute, The goals of education

2 Responses to “The importance of basic academic skills … and much, much more”

  1. The question here is interesting. I would like to see the “Why” behind people’s answers. Personally, I believe that the answer is
    ‘All of the above’. It’s really the life long desire to learn that we need to instill. If we do so, I believe the gaps will tend to be self correcting.

  2. I agree with Eric that all of them are important. But I am SO relieved to see that Basic Academic Skills in Core Subjects is #1 and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is #2. I think sometimes we get so caught up in giving students control over their own education that we forget what our fundamental responsibility is in providing them with an education. Thanks, Scott!

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