I may not be the norm on this but I will accept friend request from students right away. I just do it with certain rules in place. 1. If they send me a private message then I unfriend them. I usually provide a warning the first time it happens. I’ve never had to unfriend a student because of this. 2. If they are still a student and they post something inappropriate or illegal, I report it and unfriend them. I have had to do this multiple times. Now most students who post things like this don’t “friend request” me.

Brett Clark via http://www.educationrethink.com/2012/09/should-you-friend-student.html?showComment=1347973075754#c9207408757295453379

This leads me down another line of thought: What are educators’ obligations (if any) to inform parents that they’ve ‘friended’ their children on a social media site?