Think outside the book

Nothing in education puts a bigger ceiling on learning than limiting kids to what’s in the textbook. We live in the age of iPads, Google, and Skype. To the learner that wants to know more, do more, and explore more, the opportunities are there. We just have to think outside the book.

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2 Responses to “Think outside the book”

  1. Biggest complaint from students in our 1:1 launch is that they still are assigned some books!

  2. “Think outside the book”. I love it; but it’s easier to say than to do. Even those who cannot do it, fully agree with it. Strangely, most teachers teach the way they were taught instead of teaching the way they were taught to teach. So, we’ll probably have to wait a generation time before “Think outside the book” really becomes possible. As an inspector, I noticed that university graduates are less qualified, as teachers, than vocational schools graduates, at least in Algeria.

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