Although I don’t know how one would objectively measure this, I think lately Diane Ravitch has been even more vocal on her blog than usual. Here are a couple of quotes that caught my eye today:

[Reformers] say they want “great teachers.” But they demonize and demoralize the teachers we have now.

What plans do they offer to replenish the teaching profession after they have driven away so many who are dedicated to teaching?




[T]he reformers are vulnerable. They are vulnerable to public exposure because the fact is that their harmful ideas have no public support once the public understands what they are up to. There is no public support for handing taxpayer dollars over to corporate interests and calling it “reform.”

The public loves its community schools and doesn’t want to see them impoverished by corporate raiders.


I am by no means anti-corporation. But I am against killing public schools just to line corporate pockets. There is a role for corporations to play in public schooling. But there needs to be appropriate oversight, checks and balances, and protection of the public interest. Right now that’s not happening near enough…