3 Responses to “Bridging our future [VIDEO]”

  1. Notice that in this blended learning environment the “teacher” was serving as the facilitator of learning – technology was enhancing and allowing him to help him monitor and assist each student progress through the necessary learning activities.

  2. Funny thing, I did bridge design in my classes including computer simulations (West Point Bridge Designer), did construction, testing, and evaluations and managed to do all of that without any of the very expensive equipment shown. I don’t think that the lack of a touch-screen projection wall reduced my students’ learning a bit.

  3. That projection wall was so cool! As Mr. Breadley points out, it’s just one way to deliver knowledge, but when it suits the teacher’s instructional style, I bet it’s awesome! I also like that the learning depicted had a strong “hands-on” component. Thanks for sharing the video, it pumped me up.

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