99 slides to get you started

Technology tsunami

I’m collecting what I feel are the best slides from the Great Quotes About Learning and Change Flickr pool. Here are 99 to get you started. I guarantee there’s at least one that will make your day!

I’m still working through the 1,800+ slides in the pool. Plus there are other sources for me to pull from as well. So come back later and see what’s new!

[Continuing what I hope will be a month-long wave of resources for school leaders and the programs that prepare them…]

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4 Responses to “99 slides to get you started”

  1. Great collection. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Great to see people’s passion for education-thanks for sharing:)I’m thinking I’ll upload some of those slides to my students’ iPods for them to take a break after their work is done or something along those lines.

  3. Scott, how does one add slides to the collection?

    With appreciation for your hard work, and that of others,

    Miguel Guhlin

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