Livin’ like it’s 1650

1650 was closer in spirit to the time we live in now than it was to 1450. The change was so enormous …but what was also clear is that there was never a moment where everybody said, “Oh I get it. This is what the printing press is going to do. Well let just do that thing.” It was 150 years of chaos and blood shed when people almost literally didn’t know what to think, right. It was perfectly clear that the printing press had broken a bunch of ancient institutions but no one knew what would replace it and you could never replace it even if you did know because those new institutions needed time to mature

Clay Shirky via

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  1. Clay,

    Just heard the NPR story about Coursera out of Stanford, Princeton et al and wrote a post about it on my blog at This is not just random podcasting; this is a full set of university courses with assessment and performance feedback, for free, and with initial funding of $15 million in venture capital. This and the Khan Academy model are going to be every bit as disruptive to the educational industry as the printing press was the the media industry.

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