In Iowa we use #iaedfuture to organize our online conversations about education in the state. In Wisconsin they use #wiedu. In the United Kingdom, they use #ukedchat to have similar conversations at the national level. What are other states, provinces, and/or countries using? (beyond the generic #edchat)

I made a publicly-editable Google spreadsheet to organize all of these geography-bound education hashtags. These are different from hashtags for conferences or for particular education topics (e.g., STEM or teaching History). Instead, they’re hashtags that allow folks to talk about the present and future state of education in their area, to share ideas and resources, to propose and push back on proposed laws and policies, and to otherwise organize themselves. It’s often said that the Internet destroys geography. While that’s true in many instances, schooling systems still are primarily organized by geographic regions so boundary-level conversations are still relevant.

I hope you’ll contribute the hashtag for your state / province / country. If you don’t have a hashtag like these, perhaps it’s time to get one started!