Video – Race to Nowhere trailer

“Our students are pressured to perform. They are not necessarily pressured to learn deeply and conceptually. . . . Things that actually get our students to think are pushed aside. . . .”

Hat tip: Anne Shaw 

3 Responses to “Video – Race to Nowhere trailer”

  1. This reminded me of a book I need to check out before my son gets too old, too fast. Neil Postman’s “The Disappearance of Childhood”,

  2. Remembering great minds from the past I wonder how many of those minds started school at three years old, piano at five, dancing at two,etc. I see 7 year old students who have practice 4 out of 5 school nights and are so tired at school they just want a nap. High School students who never get home till 10:30 or later because of games, work, and activities. When do these children,yes children, get time to be children? Money and how much you make seems to be the standard for achievement. There is so much more to life than a career that makes large sums of money. Wake up America and then demonstrate it to your own children and students.

  3. Wow! What an eye opener! I am not a parent or school teacher, but I have a passion for education in all forms. I can’t believe the pressures we put our kids through in education today. We have truly set our kids up for failure. We don’t pay our teachers what they truly deserve to teach our children, and then we stack them with 25-30 kids per teacher in every class…is this the road toward success? If children are truly the “future”, then I am frightened of what their future will be. The level of education we provide students in this country is in “our hands”. We must step up and take action NOW! Don’t we owe it to our children, AND our teachers to create an educational format that truly promotes success?

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