Slide – How many decisions did you make yesterday that reinforced the status quo?

Dear school leader,

Please complete the following for the past day/week/month/year (choose one):


Did you make enough decisions in Category B? Didn’t think so. Now what are you going to do about it?

Yours truly,

The students


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8 Responses to “Slide – How many decisions did you make yesterday that reinforced the status quo?”

  1. I’ll take False Dichotomies for $500, Alex.

  2. This is the kind of provocative prompting that stimulates thinking. Love it!

  3. I second Mark’s viewpoint here, and would like to take it a step further. It is foolish to assume that every new technology will always be beneficial in the educational environment. Articles including “Computers at Home: Educational Hope vs. Teenage Reality” from the New York Times reveal a different view on the impact of educational technology. As a teacher, I seek to improve my instruction for the benefit of my students, and various technological tools have played a part in that. But if doubts are cast as to the efficacy of digital change, then there’s nothing unprofessional about the status quo.

  4. I really enjoying finding a post that has me tipping my head sideways for the reflection.
    I am guilty of trying to tweak and rework the status quo a good part of the time. I also like to daydream about a re-haul of my plans. You are initiating another dream sequence in my head.

  5. Mark,
    Well, duh! If you give kids an exciting engaging alternative to studying what’s tested, guess what, the kids will spend more time on the exciting engaging alternative and less on the boring stuff that school is throwing at them.

    The Times article merely reinforces what most of us who actually use technology for instruction already know – technology requires more of teachers in the way of preparation and planning in order to guide the learning of their students. Technology that does not come with lots of teacher professional development will surely decrease ‘achievement’ on material that is not integrally connected with the technology.

  6. I’ve only just discovered this site in the last few days, and I really like what I see. Thought-provoking stuff! Brilliant!

  7. I’m working on three major projects or decisions impacting our Agency that are going to completely change the status quo so I feel good about my equation this week! Thanks for asking.

    For the people who want to hang on to the past or remain status quo it was nice knowing you!

  8. What’s your Status Quotient?

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