Video – Melissa (Feilmeier) Osborn’s autoethnography

My colleague, Dr. Tyson Marsh, has our Educational Administration graduate students doing autoethnographies. Melissa (Feilmeier) Osborn just finished her Master’s program with us as part of our Atlantic, Iowa cohort. Below is the video she made, which was her first experience using iMovie.

As Marco Torres and others show us, the power of video to capture student voice is pretty compelling. Most schools aren’t doing nearly as much as they could to harness this power for academic and student engagement purposes.

I think Melissa’s story is pretty compelling. If you have time, watch the video (it starts a smidge slow but ends big!). Happy viewing! 

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  1. This is awesome! The fact that this was a video-essay blew my mind. As an educator trying to incorporate technology, this inspires me to find other means of paperless expression.

  2. Wow! Imagine what K-12 kids could create? Can I share this? Is Melissa on Twitter?
    Melinda Miller

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