ISTE 2010 – Is it about the learning or the giveaways?

One the one hand, we have…




On the other hand, we have…




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  1. Hello, I work for CompassLearning and I know that we always meet new people and learn a ton that actually helps improve our product! Even better though, we get to give cool things away like an Ipad!!! Stop by our booth #1062 for info on our Monday night “Tweet-up Under the Stars” where you get your chance to win the Ipad.

    Hope to meet you!

    Monique (@compasslearning)

  2. I’m always amazed at the people who look first (and sometimes only) for the free stuff. For me ISTE is about learning and meeting people. I attended for years as a teacher and while I took some free stuff (who doesn’t) after a while I took less and less. It wasn’t worth the trouble of carrying it home. What was worth it was CDs/DVDs items with URLs for me to get more information and the occasional flyer.
    These days I attend as a vender and my goal is first to meet people and second to show them things I think will be helpful to them. And then I look for stuff for my librarian wife to use in her teaching. I want the learning stuff and so does she.

  3. You know it is real hard as an exhibitor to find the balance between attracting visitors and attracting them for the right reasons. We like to have giveaways for those who are genuinely interested in the product for their classroom, and other freebies so as not to disappoint the ‘collectors’. It is nice to think that people will remember you but even nicer to think they will remember you as a possible contributor to their teaching!When the giveaway/prize is the star I think you have gotten that balance wrong. #ISTE

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