Notes from India – My TEDx talk

One of the highlights of my time at ASB Unplugged this year was the opportunity to participate in TEDxASB. Here is my TEDx talk, Are schools dangerously irrelevant?. Other than saying ‘divergent’ instead of ‘convergent,’ I think I did okay.

Other TEDxASB speakers were Doug Johnson, Bruce Dixon, Scott Klososky, and Helen Barrett. Happy viewing!

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  1. Do you have any of the sources/references for some of the numbers you were mentioning during your talk? Specifically related to what kinds of information students are being asked to learn in schools and how much of it is recitation/regurgitation.

  2. Hi Justin,

    This will get you started…

  3. Thanks Scott! Writing an OpEd Article for a graduate class at the U of MN and needed a source for the numbers I was putting into it.

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