The future of magazines, Part 2

Sports Illlustrated offered its thoughts on what an electronic version of the magazine might look like. Now Wired has done the same. As the iPad and other similar devices permeate society, will we still call these magazines?

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  1. Isn’t Dateline a “news magazine”? Is “magazine” a function of the format? content? delivery style?

    Yes, I think we’ll still call them magazines. For the same reason that I click an icon of a 3.5″ disk to save my Google Docs.

  2. In those 4 minutes, I heard myself being referred to as “customer” and “target” far more than I did “reader”. That sounds more like the current of magazines rather than the future.

    Increasingly I think people are more interested in the information and less in the package (what we now call a “magazine”) it comes in. Rather than a tablet version of what already comes in the mail (Wired is one of two analog publications I still pay for), I’m waiting for software that knows the kinds of information I’m looking for and that pulls it from wherever it is on any network to create my personal magazine or newspaper or whatever you want to call it.

  3. I can’t help but wonder what role reading will play for coming generations. Will it still be a critical skill if information can be consumed and engaged with?

  4. I love Wired because it does seem to be on the cutting edge and I remember reading not long ago that the magazine was not doing well financially. It wins lots of awards and is critically acclaimed but it isn’t profitable. A definite reflection of changing times. Chris Anderson (Author of Free…) is the editor in chief. If anyone can look ahead to what the magazine of the future will be it’s Wired. Look forward to seeing the results.

  5. There is already an application that will pull in stories you are interested in and compile them into your own personal magazine – an RSS Reader.

    I do think reading will be an important skill. How can you create a video if you can’t read the menus in the NLE software or on the camera? I don’t think icons can replace that.

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