Whining aside, the music industry looks okay to me

The graph below from Nielsen Soundscan shows that we’re buying fewer albums (i.e., CDs) but that overall music purchases continue to rise.

The music industry looks okay to me. It just had to reinvent itself… [click on image for larger version]


[hat tip to Mashable]

3 Responses to “Whining aside, the music industry looks okay to me”

  1. Actually, it is pretty easy to make a case for labeling this business “healthier” or “better” now than back in the day of pre-digital big record labels. At least from the artist’s perspective.

    Here is an example of a kid that probably would not have had his work get out of the basement if it weren’t for the Internet and Social Media:

  2. So Bono was talking out of his arse. Again.

  3. The creative control is in the hands of the artist, and the record companies dislike that. Now they can’t scam every one-hit wonder for their first and only great number.

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