Tony Wagner speaks to Iowa educators, Part 1

Dr. Tony Wagner of Harvard University, who authored The Global Achievement Gap, is speaking to over 600 Iowa administrators and teachers today in Des Moines. Nearly 30 students are liveblogging their reactions to Tony’s presentation. Part 1 is below… 

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  1. Today’s presentation in Des Moines was about the best day that I have had in education for quite some time. I thought the book was great but hearing Tony in person was even better. It is time for educators, students, parents, and the general public to start demanding better from our schools. As a local superintendent I know it is my responsibility to lead this change and I am going to…however, I do have one huge question:

    Can we make the change in the culture of schools while still holding on to the union mentality?

    Business and industry can make changes that are necessary to change their processes because they can get rid of the people that are holding them back. It is absolutely criminal that school districts are held hostage by the unions and that we can’t just immediately get rid of people who don’t want to change…or who put those people down who are full of innovation because it might make them look bad.

    I realize that we do have the evaluation process but it takes too long and is too cumbersome. We NEED the ability to terminate people who refuse to do what is needed for kids. This should be considered insubordination or malpractice and we should move forward with the people that really want to do what is best for kids.

    Anyone listening?


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