Video – Did You Know? 4.0

Three years, 20+ million online views, and many, many face-to-face showings later, the Did You Know? (Shift Happens) video still is going strong. Just this week it was mentioned in TIME magazine. Karl Fisch and I continue to get a bazillion e-mail messages about it…

Karl, XPLANE, The Economist, Laura Bestler, and I are very pleased to announce the release of Did You Know? 4.0, created for The Economist’s Media Convergence Forum in October.

I think XPLANE did an absolutely fabulous job with it, but let me know what you think in the comments. Downloadable versions and source files are available on the Shift Happens wiki under a Creative Commons license. Happy viewing (and please spread the word)!

Update: Be sure to read Karl's post on this too!

29 Responses to “Video – Did You Know? 4.0”

  1. Once again, well done and thought provoking. It is just as inspiring and mind boggling as when I first saw it…

  2. Great job. so interesting when you put things in perspective and see things as they relate to other things.

  3. Thank you for doing it again. Indeed, amazing the legs people give this thing, even in German without the impressive XPLANE graphics. About 32,000 views for my beginner’s remix of your 2.0 video.

    A teacher in Great Britain asked me for ‘rights’ to use it in her German class. Gladly given in advance, with cc – Creative Commons.

  4. Thank you for posting the updated video before the conference in October. Also, the list of credits at the end was a fantastic addition this time. As always – WELL DONE!!!

  5. Is it my imagination, or is the text a little more difficult to read in this version. I was having difficulty processing some of the facts before they moved on.
    Probably I’m just old!

  6. Thanks, Scott. Well done. Like the music, graphics, concepts. A little too fast on some of the slides. Overall though, a nice update. Perfect timing for the grad class I begin teaching next week on teaching and learning in the 21st Century.

    Cheers to everyone involved!

  7. made me think! thanks!

  8. Amazing as always. I appreciated the credits. It moved too fast for me in several slides and I needed to pause in order to finish reading and processing.

  9. So, exactly HOW many technorati tags did you use on this post?!

    Nice job. What do you think about the fact that this video version doesn’t speak as directly to education and educational issues, Scott?

  10. One of the things I most liked about the original Did You Know was the temporal “white space” you built into it. There were a few moments for each data-point to sink into your head and resonate.

    That’s missing from this latest version. The signal-to-noise ratio is much lower. Perhaps its intended audience in Oct had something to do with it — they wouldn’t sit still for the relatively slow pacing of the original.

    But where once I was able to ponder each tree, now I see nothing but the forest. It still has impact, but not nearly as much for me.

  11. I thought the pacing was a little too fast in some areas, too. However, my initial thoughts were: 1) it sucks getting old and 2) that it was done intentionally to reinforce the point that if you don’t put forth the effort, the world will pass you by. But, between the information and the presentation, all I can say is, “Wow”. Well, that, and thanks.

  12. Though others have said the pacing was a bit fast, and I had trouble keeping up at times myself, I think that the speed of the presentation actually serves as an illustration of the now now now culture upon which this presentation ws intended to comment. Its now, its immediate, or its immaterial – or so the younger generations are being progammed to believe. My only question or disbelief lies in the data quoted that a teen sent over 217,000 texts in a month. That breaks down to over 7,000 texts a day. Even sending texts to multiple recipients, I can’t imagine how a teen would have so large an address book (unless he downloaded the entire local phonebook?)

  13. While I share your initial skepticism regarding the texting frequency, it is very often that I see teens in a restaurant or store sliding their phones open ever 3-5 seconds to read/reply to a text. I am both amazed and appalled at this frequency– the time devoted to short messages is impressive (and not something I could do), but, in my mind, they need a serious lesson on condensing or managing information into a longer message with all the details. Perhaps this is because I do not have an unlimited text plan!

  14. I liked it a lot, but also found that it moved too fast, I often couldn’t finish reading before the next screen appeared.

  15. Shift Happens – updated again: Did You Know 4.0

    Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, Laura Bestler, Xplane and others did it again. Enjoy it while it is fresh, because technology does change really fast.

    How can we accelerate education, focus it better, so as to get our children prepared for this? Well, eve…

  16. Great again…but runns much too fast for high school or lower (esp// 2nd language learners).
    Maybe a slower run version would be good, too?

  17. I LOVE this video. Just started using this at my workplace with some of the older people in our real estate classes. Would love to see an updated version. It always blows people away.


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