Birthday3This past Saturday was Dangerously Irrelevant’s third birthday. Wow. So much for an experiment that I thought I’d try for a few months!

Today this blog tipped over the 6,000 subscriber mark. Along with the folks who go straight to the web page each day and those who subscribe via e-mail, I believe that roughly 7,000 people read this blog’s content daily. Double wow.

Should you be reading this blog? Maybe, maybe not. Please know that I am extremely appreciative of those of you who choose to spend some of your valuable time participating in this community. Together we do amazing things. Thanks.

For those of you who are interested, below is a chart of what my subscriber totals have looked like over the past 3 years (I think the momentary steep drop-offs have been Feedburner stat glitches but I’m not sure).

Photo credit: Soapylove’s Third Birthday!