Teen sexting: I failed my own information literacy test

I tweeted:


And Barry Dahl replied:


Barry’s right and I’m wrong. I failed my own information literacy test. Why? Because even though I had access to (and linked to) the original report, I didn’t critically consume it the way I should have. Instead I relied on this report from CNN:


And because I did, I made an incorrect statement that then got retweeted by others. Shame on CNN for being misleading and/or inaccurate, but shame on me too for not doing my homework the way I should have. Just because CNN is a traditional, reputable news organization doesn’t mean that I don’t need to be a critical consumer of the information it provides.

Thanks, Barry.

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  1. That makes it much more interesting than I originally thought Scott. I was unaware of the CNN report and had only seen your tweet. Turns out that your tweet was still pretty accurate when you said you were highly skeptical. Let’s just say that you were highly skeptical of the CNN report as opposed to the Cox report. Think I may have to blog about this myself. That CNN video is misleading which is unfortunate because the real data is bad enough. There’s no need for them to make it sound worse than it is.

    On a different note, seeing my photo on your blog makes me happy that I wasn’t using some really goofy Twitter avatar when all this went down.

  2. I’m skeptical that CNN is a “reputable” news organization. Great post, thanks.

  3. February 2009 issue of SAI newsletter contains an article by legal director Matt Carver with some great information regarding sexting in schools.

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