1. Larry Ferlazzo has a fantastic post about the videos at TED Talks and a variety of supporting resources for teachers, presenters, etc. This is a must read!
  2. In South Africa (and elsewhere!), “if the principal sets the lead, technology can succeed in a school.”
  3. Universities mull the use of blogs instead of course management systems. I’ve been using blogs instead of Blackboard for my courses for a couple of years now. The CMS paradigm is about institutionalized hand-holding and centralized, walled-garden control. No thanks. (hat tip to @jtwetten)
  4. The University of Michigan Health Sciences Library has a fascinating slideshow on the different ways that the Obama campaign used social media to get its messages out and mobilize people to action.
  5. Siri, virtual assistant software for the iPhone and other smartphones, looks like an extremely useful product (particularly with the voice recognition feature). 

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