Why I don’t let my comments expire

expirationdateMany bloggers don’t allow comments on old posts. After two weeks or 30 days or whatever, visitors lose their ability to leave comments. This is done mainly for spam protection, I believe.

In contrast, I don’t let my comments expire. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Bolman & Deal frameworks: 49 comments to date. Two in June 2007, 47 in June 2009.
  2. A taste of honey: 37 comments to date. Twelve in February 2009, 25 in April 2009.

In both of these instances, a professor or principal had his graduate students and/or staff use one of my blog posts as a discussion area. The dialogue for both has been excellent.

I’m happy to serve as a conversation space for people. In the end, that benefits them and me both. Them because they may not have another space readily available for easy discussion. Me because it allows me to see how people are thinking about and interacting with my content.

I want folks to find and be engaged with my past content, not just my current posts. That’s why I have a link to my “Top Posts” and why I include a search box, categories, a featured posts section, and other features on this blog. I’m guessing that at least some of those graduate students and educators also looked at some other content while they were here. A win-win all around…

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  1. Thanks for this reminder about comments. I leave my comments open as well because I am lucky-I do not get much spam (she says, touching wood). It’s great to hear from people several months/years alter, to hear different perspectives and revisit posts you may have forgotten about.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t thought to check what my blog’s setting for this were!

  3. Kia ora Scott!

    I always understood that if the setting Comment Notification Email was active, the blogger got an email for all posted comments. While it can get hectic with a popular post, I’ve also sniffed out a few wayward spammers.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

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