What if every Iowa educator on Twitter could find each other?

After a recent presentation here in Iowa that included some discussion of Twitter, a superintendent came up to me and said, “Okay, I’m in. But how will I find people that I want to follow?” That fantastic question led me to create the Iowa Administrators group at Twibes:


While I was at it, I also created the Iowa Teachers group at Twibes:


Shari Barnhart, Technology Coordinator for the Oskaloosa Schools, then created the Iowa Technology Coordinators group at Twibes:


So what we have here is a burgeoning effort to create spaces where Iowa educators can find others in the state who are on Twitter, see what they’re saying, and sign up to follow them. Maybe there’s a better way to do this but for now I think this has some promise, particularly if folks are willing to sign up and pass this along to others. I believe there are some great conversation and resource-sharing possibilities if most of the Iowa educators on Twitter are following each other.

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  1. Great, I’ll use this as part of my campaign to get the district to unblock Twitter. I can say, “See, even the Iowegians are using it.” We Minnesotans hate to be outdone by Iowa.

  2. Dan, having come to Iowa after 6 years in the Twin Cities, I know exactly what you’re saying. Good luck!

  3. Scott- as always I enjoy your posts.

    Being a Massachusetts principal, I just created a twibe mass-elementary, for all the principals in our state. Thanks.


  4. Scott,
    I think this starts a discussion on the definition of “teacher.” Is a teacher anyone who educates? Or is a teacher someone who is employed as a classroom teacher at a school district?

    Personally, when I make connections with “teachers”, I am looking for someone who is currently gaining classroom experience. I understand that there are many different roles in education, I just don’t want to dilute the role of “teacher.”

    I’m not looking to be a divider, but it seems like the point of these Twibes would be to know who you’re making contact with.

  5. Russ, I’m going to let people self-define (or make their own). I ran into enough trouble with the categories for my recent survey here at DI!

  6. I will try on this, sounds good!

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