Dangerously Irrelevant now available for the Kindle

Thanks to instructions from the kind folks at Mashable, this blog is now available in a Kindle edition. I think you now have at least four different ways to connect with Dangerously Irrelevant: going to the web site, RSS, e-mail, and Kindle. Just trying to create a variety of options for you…

Happy reading!


4 Responses to “Dangerously Irrelevant now available for the Kindle”

  1. Thanks Scott! You are an awesome example for us all! Now, if only I could afford a Kindle, but as an educator, my salary has been frozen and my days of work cut…gotta feed the family…

  2. For those using WordPress, there’s also a great plugin that reconfigures a blog for display on an iPhone or other mobile device. I can’t afford a Kindle either but if you’re going to publish on the web, you need to be prepared for rich people to visit your site along with us commoners. 🙂

  3. Hey, you two, I don’t have a Kindle either! But some people love theirs…

    I just figured that if readers could get other blogs for the Kindle, I wanted to be in the mix!

  4. I have a Kindle and it has actually saved me money due to the number of books I read. It is an excellent device and something I take with me almost everywhere I go. I know it is not cheap, but if you read a great deal, it can save you some money to offset the cost. The one disadvantage is that when I am done with a book, I can lend it to someone else.

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