Help wanted – Using online games in K-12 classrooms

Each month, Cable in the Classroom Magazine has a page called InterActive that asks educators to answer a question related to the issue’s theme. The magazine usually prints at least five answers from readers.

The magazine editors have requested my help finding contributors for the February question:

How have you used an online game to enhance your students’ classroom experience?

If you’re a K-12 teacher to whom this question applies, please . If you know a teacher who’s done this, please pass this post along. Thanks!

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  1. Hey Scott,

    I’d love it if you’d pass along whatever you learn in connection with this. I’m always looking for new examples of how to use games and online resources to teach and to learn.

  2. Scott, I just sent her some information about the 3D simulation I helped build. It focused on having students create mathematical models based on real world problems. In this simulation, students watch paper airplanes being thrown. Students then determine how to judge planes for accuracy and hang time. Students are able to interact with the data and change various factors including force, height, angle, and plane type. The 3D environment allowed students to really visualize flight paths and understand what a table of data ‘looks like’ in real life. It was pretty cool. We plan to build 5 more (granting IES funding of course). 🙂

    Jayson Richardson

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