Dear Mr. President

I voted today (22nd in line!).

I voted for future-oriented leadership instead of compliance. I voted for anticipatory, not reactionary.

I voted for engagement with the world, not bellicosity. I voted for the view that education is a societal investment rather than a private good.

I voted for caring over self-interest. I voted for mastery of our digital world, not ignorance. I voted for hope rather than fear. Most of all, given the ambiguity and complexity in which we live, I voted for general promise rather than specific promises.

You have enormous challenges ahead of you. Tell us like it is instead of what you think we want to hear. The American people are amazingly resilient; they deserve the opportunity to rise to their potential. Lead us to a better place. We can do great things if properly informed, inspired, and enabled.

Good luck, Mr. President. Our hopes and dreams now reside with you.

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  1. I really respect your thoughts on Edtech, and so I would love to hear your thoughts on this:

  2. It amazes me that someone is running for President that could not pass a background check to work for the FBI.

  3. Wow! I like all of the things that you state you voted for. My question is who did you write in????

  4. Peter sort of asked my question. I am not sure either of these candidates got some or all of those things. Although, I can’t agree with the thoughts in Jabiz’s link, either. There is just simply no way for a person to be elected president in a country as diverse as this if they were that radical. Incremental change, for better or worse, is the American way.

  5. @Justin I want to thank you for your comment, it really got me thinking. Sorry Scott, I don’t want to use your blog as a soapbox, but…

  6. As a public school teacher in a title 1 school I agree with some of the things you were voting for as I vote for not a particular part or person but issues of importance to me (keeping in mind the best interests of my family of six and the 4,000 children I serve at my high school) I agree that there are enormous challenges ahead for all of our leaders from the top down! First thing first, our leaders need to be more righteous in their serving of the public which goes to your point about telling us the American People (or should I say Sheeple) the truth about issues and not the PC spin. I also believe a fundamental shift in the judiciary rulings as they apply to education need to become more common sense and place responsibility back on the home and especially the student. I certainly won’t be holding my breath for this to happen even though our new president is all about “change” I am still left with the question what kind of change??!?

  7. Whenever I think of “education and the President” I am reminded of the fact that every person in the US can name GW Bush’s education initiative (No Child Left Behind), yet Bill Clinton (“The Education President?”) also had an educational intiative based on technology and 21st century skills that few if any can name. Does the term “Four Pillars of Progress” mean anything?
    It kind of begs the question, “What’s more important–the way the message is packaged and sold or the content and ideas behind the message?”

  8. It looks like our president elect is trying to engage in a conversation with us here: That gives me great hope.

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