K12 Online 2008 – My presentation is up!

I am pleased to announce that my presentation for the 2008 K12 Online Conference is now available!

Happy viewing, everyone. The original files are below if you’d like to use them, including my speaker notes.

[Download files: pptx ppt PDF PDF with speaker notes]

5 Responses to “K12 Online 2008 – My presentation is up!”

  1. Scott, great job. I loved it. Very informative.

    I don’t know if I am more excited about the possibilities that are out there with Disruptive Innovations and how it relates to the Open Model of Education


    Sad that I know I work in a place that doesn’t see it coming and has no urgency to prepare itself. Sort of like the Titanic, we think we are unsinkable right up until we hit that iceberg.

    How will public schools adapt? I am afraid one day we are going to look around and ask ourselves how the internet, which was a cool tool for pictures, an educational website here and there, or movies, just replaced the teacher and the classroom.

  2. Scott:

    Great job explaining Christensen’s ideas. I’m sharing this with our board members, staff and other blog subscribers.


  3. Great presentation. just opened it up on a Monday morning when feeling like the 20th century machine was beating me. Thank you for reminding me what we are trying to prepare for.

  4. This is a fabulous, usable and instructive presentation that school librarians can share NOW with their administrators. Having Christensen set the stage on disruptive innovations with examples we have all lived through should prime the pump for a clear and unemotional discussion about implications in education. The moment tech in schools is discussed $$$ signs block the vision. Starting with under served populations is brilliant.

  5. This presentation makes great points about innovation, why and how it happens. Our social systems, however, that include families, cities, countries, government, and schools, change and are replaced at a much slower rate than technology today, and are driven by deeper needs. As a parent, I want my children to be successful and happy at school, I want social opportunities. Yes, I want my children to learn, and to enjoy learning too, but I want learning to happen along with social development and success. Many parents and students find themselves in the situation of being unsuccessful and unhappy with school and a lot of the unhappiness seems to have social origins. I have seen many kids in high school who don’t do well socially and then have increasing problems academically. I think the answer does lie in creating more ways for more students to be successful while remembering that schools are social systems with great value and strength.

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