Help wanted: Digital citizenship resources?

I recently got this message from an international school:

I’ve organized [our] Tech Leadership Team to discuss and develop a Digital Citizenship program for our school. There are 27 members of the TLT and they will be exploring 6 elements, identifying issues associated with the element, brainstorming examples of appropriate and inappropriate use, developing guidelines for use (e.g., guidelines for e-mail, cyberbullying, social networks, piracy, health), and identifying how the concept and guidelines should be shared with the community.

  1. Digital Communication
  2. Digital Etiquette
  3. Digital Law
  4. Digital Rights & Responsibilities
  5. Digital Health and Wellness
  6. Digital Security

I’m looking for a good book for them to read — any recommendations?

What resources have you found valuable regarding digital citizenship? Here’s my contribution…

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  1. Did you consider the ISTE book on digital citizenship?

  2. I read the ISTE Book this summer and while it was a little dry, it was a great foundation. [www_iste_org]

    As far as writing policies, they need to visit School AUP 2.0, at [landmark-project_com]

  3. That’s the best work I’ve ever seen come out of this blog! 🙂 I’m juuuuuust kidding, people, relax.

    Personally, I think the topic of digital citizenship is increasing in importance as we mature in our relationship with online technologies. At first, we were just happy to have the tools. We’re slowly realizing, however, that the honeymoon is nearly over and it’s ever important to better understand how – and more importantly why – we use the tools.

    To be honest, I don’t know of a one-stop-shop for resources on digital citizenship, either (possibly the ISTE book, I haven’t read it yet). I do remember Vicki Davis writing a post or two on the subject – and I’ve certainly seen them here and there.

    As far as etiquette goes, is there anything we missed when we went through that series?

    I look forward to learning with you, Scott and others, as we put our heads together on this one.

  4. Dr. Yong Zhao from Michigan State University did a presentation at BLC07 that was recorded as a podcast:

  5. Check the Ning social network dedicated to Digital Citizenship @

  6. I don’t know of any books….but this website/page has the most links I’ve ever seen, to sites that might provide information.

  7. I was at a confrence over the summer and had a keynote by Mike Ribble, he has a book Digital Citizenship. We are using some of the ideas in our one to one classes.

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