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  1. That just gives me goosebumps! Love it!

  2. Speaking of videos, has everyone had a chance to see the video of the Ron Clark Academy students performing a song about voting? It’s a perfect blend of children learning and having fun. Hope to see more like it.

    Hall Monitor

  3. These videos are why it is imperative that we provide nothing less than world class education to this generation of learners. I think our work is cut out for us.

  4. Thanks Scott – I’ve sent this posting on to a number of my colleagues. Teaching is about to get interesting!

  5. Scott, I am awash in emotion! This video, along with what is very likely to happen today (Obama being elected the next president) is making me a believer once again. In the 60s I believed we (the boomer generation) could change the world. We did, but not necessarily to everyone’s liking. Now, in my 60s, I see a new generation (Generation We) that is ready, willing and able to make the dream reality. Thank you for sharing this and for all you do to keep our heads on straight!

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