Edublogger letters to the next President

The Letters to the Next President web site currently features over 2,600 letters to the next President of the United States. The site is a collaborative initiative between the National Writing Project and Google. What a great idea!

I hereby invite all edubloggers to write their own letter to the next President. Share your thoughts, wishes, concerns, etc. Let us know what’s important to you and how you feel about it.

I’m going to write mine between now and the election. Here’s a Technorati tag for us to use:


I’ll tag a few folks to hopefully get us started. ANYONE is welcome to participate! David? Sheryl? Chris? Vicki? Will? Jon? Alice? Scott? Justin? Tracy? Wes? Darren? Sylvia? Miguel? Bill? JenniferDougAngela? You in?

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  1. I’m in. Give me some time to think on this one.

    I just wish I could write it to Lessig.

  2. My students all did this on our class blog:

    Can they submit here too? They are not 13 years old yet.


  3. @Brian: Cool! It’s okay with me. Do whatever you think is best to protect them. Maybe just add the Technorati tag to their posts?

  4. Of course. I’ve voted, am crossing my fingers for my candidate’s safety and success, and it will be a pleasure to write him some well wishes and clues. Great idea!

  5. My first draft is here…

    Thanks for the invite,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

  6. I’m definitely in, Scott—

    I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about this weekend, so your invite was perfectly timed.

    Mine will be done by Sunday,

  7. Jeepers, Scott. You really know how to shake a guy out of the blogging doldrums. Blogdrums? I took the liberty of extending the invitation to a group of Minnesota teachers working on a technology leadership project. Thanks for the tag; I’ll give it my best shot over the weekend.

  8. Letters to the Next President…great project! Just posted our letters yesterday. Such a “real-life” method to teach several skills.

    This also helped in our learning to utilize our class wiki, where I posted helpful resources (

    To model, I wrote a letter to both candidates. I’ll be glad to post one.

  9. Here’s my bit, Scott:

    I enjoyed writing this…thanks for including me.

    Rock on,

  10. I’m in…though I need to give this some thought. Thanks for asking – it’s a great assignment!

  11. Dear Colleagues,

    As one of the folks behind Letters to the Next President, I love this effort to add your teachers’ voices to the mix of ideas for our future. I think the students, too, will appreciate the sense that they inspired others to write their own letters. We’ve been maintaining a list of bookmarks for other also writing letters, and we’ll be adding these too. I think you’ll have many L2P participants (teachers and students both) reading these blogs.

    Thank you all so much,
    Elyse Eidman-Aadahl

  12. Here is my open letter to President-Elect Obama with hopes that readers will be able to divine the essential message:

  13. letter to the next president

    Dear Mr. President,It’s no coincidence that our schools do double duty as polling places on election days. When the polls opened this morning, the line at Riverview Elementary was already 200 deep and growing, starting at the gym doors, turning…

  14. Education Letter to the Next President. . .

    Scott McLeod—one of my favorite writers and the mind behind Dangerously Irrelevant—tagged me the other day to join in an edublogger effort to write a letter to the next president before Tuesday’s election. A part of a larger, joint effort…


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    […] McLeod—one of my favorite writers and the mind behind Dangerously Irrelevant—tagged me the other day to join in an edublogger effort to write a letter to the next president before Tuesday’s […]

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