About a month ago, I posted my annual Beginning of the Year Technology Checklist and wondered (again) if schools had made any progress since the previous year. This year I also invited readers to fill out an online survey rating their own school organizations. I am pleased to announce that 125 of you took me up on the offer. Here are the results!

As you can see from the mean responses for the items on the checklist, participants rated staff development and principals’ understanding lowest of the ten items (note: clicking on each image gets you a larger version).2008 Beginning of Year Technology Checklist Results_Page_01

While participants felt fairly positively about their infrastructure, I thought that the modes show quite clearly that we have a long way to go in other areas:2008 Beginning of Year Technology Checklist Results_Page_03

I also looked at the distribution of responses within each item. For example, over 70% of the participants gave low responses to their district’s technology integration-related staff development.2008 Beginning of Year Technology Checklist Results_Page_05

I also plotted the responses for each item individually. As expected, the staff development item had the most skewed distribution.2008 Beginning of Year Technology Checklist Results_Page_09 

Finally, I calculated simple correlations for the items. The strongest correlation (.726) existed for the technology plan and vision items (Q8 and Q10).


Here are the results in various downloadable formats. These results include a number of additional charts.

Feel free to use the results to spark some conversation in your school organization. If you want me to host this online survey for your school or district, let me know!