Recommended reading – The world has changed

I often get asked by administrators for some recommended reading. Here are some of my favorite books on how the world has changed. If the Amazon widget doesn’t load in a few seconds, here’s a static picture of the list.

[Transparency disclosure: If you buy a book using this Amazon widget, CASTLE gets 4% of the proceeds. Your cost doesn’t go up any. Amazon just pays us a little for the referral through its Associates Program.]

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  1. I do not see a list of books or a link. The links to Castle and Amazon worked but no list of books. ???

  2. For what it’s worth, I highly second the recommendations on the books by Shirkey, Weinberger, and Tapscott. All present excellent analysis of how the different read/write web tools are changing the way we interact with information and how we communicate.

    The Pink and Friedman books are good but to some extent have been turned into cliches (especially Flat). I’ll have to check out the rest of them.

  3. @Kathryn: It might take a few seconds to load. When I refresh the page, the Amazon widget doesn’t appear right away.

    If that doesn’t work for you, here’s the current list:

  4. Like Tim, I’ll also support Shirkey and Weinberger as excellent opportunities with hesitations on making Friedman’s a “must read.”

  5. Looks like your list from Amazon conflicts with the list from Shelfari (unk %).

  6. @alum: Stay tuned! More lists to follow in the days to come (plus my Shelfari widget’s going to disappear)…

  7. Thanks for loading the static picture!

    The Amazon widget never loaded for me – I got an “Error on page” message. It is probably a system incompatibility on my end. I am a technophile with oldish equipment and software.

  8. Scott,
    Thanks for the list of good reads, and I like the Shelfari on the side of your blog. I JUST started Tony Wagner’s book after he came to talk to us in July at our High Schools New Face in Ellicottville.

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