Recommended reading – Data-driven decision-making

I often get asked by administrators for some recommended reading. Here are some of my favorite books on data-driven decision-making. If the Amazon widget doesn’t load in a few seconds, here’s a static picture of the list.

[Transparency disclosure: If you buy a book using this list, CASTLE gets 4% of the proceeds. Your cost doesn’t go up any. Amazon just pays us a little for the referral through its Associates Program.]

2 Responses to “Recommended reading – Data-driven decision-making”

  1. Thanks for the info. Which book would you recommend I start with if I’m a classroom (8th grade sci) teacher who’s especially looking for ways for students to monitor their own progress and for me to be able to track learning so I can make those on the fly adjustments.


  2. Jason, I would recommend you start with the Stiggins book, which really gets at the heart of what classroom assessment should look like. Then the Langer book next…

    Thanks for the question!

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