Happy 2nd birthday!

I am pleased to say that 694 posts (and 3,019 comments) later, Dangerously Irrelevant is 2 years old today. I can hardly believe it’s been 730 days since my first post. Thanks, everyone, for all of your good cheer and support!


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  1. congratulations… it’s always a pleasure to read you

  2. Kia ora Scott!

    Nearly 700 posts and over 3000 comments in 2 years! That’s quite an achievement! Any part of that achievement is worthy of a hearty congratulations! Here’s to your next 700 posts!

    Ka kite
    from Middle-earth

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    Thanks for being here.

  4. Good work, Scott. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading!


  5. Very cool! Happy Birthday, DI! Keep ’em coming!

  6. Scott,

    Thanks for taking the time to share.

    I would like to ask you to share a bit more. You mind discussing how your blog has evolved over the past 700 posts. I believe it was you who mentioned that you couldn’t believe some of the topics you have written about.

    I would be very interested in knowing what your thoughts are on how you and your blog have evolved and what has driven you to post 700 times. Is there anything you would have done differently?

    Thanks again,

    Eric N.
    Columbia, MO

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