Wrong place to have incorrect grammar

The Teacher Salary Project is intended to call attention to the important and difficult work that teachers do. I agree that teachers "deserve more." Is it wrong of me to also wish that the first words that pop up in its video trailer weren’t grammatically incorrect [or was that intentional?]…

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  1. Well, I had no idea that teachers were underpaid and under appreciated. I sure am glad that you shed some light on this project and it’s objectives.

    Seriously though, I never have had a lot of patience for teachers that complain about how rough they have it, it’s practically a cliche. I taught high school special education for several years and probably would still had I not taken the time off to be a stay at home dad. Do I miss the it? Sometimes, but I love being home with my kids and the online teaching helps me keep my teaching jones alive. Will I go back? Doubtful, but that has more to do with how my goals have changed than how “bad” it was. I always thought that teaching was an enjoyable, fulfilling endeavor. Maybe I was doing it wrong? I think my future will not entail teaching in the public schools but teaching those that want to teach and make sure that they have an idea of what it’s really like. I want student teachers coming out fully prepared (yeah, right!) to deal with the educational environment as it is now. Yes some of the kids are poor, the parents don’t always support you, the federal government likes to make recommendations and not fully fund them, there are too many kids in your classroom, you are not paid enough, the hours can be long, etc., etc,. But I would also tell them that NO job in the world is more important, NO job in the world can top the feeling you get when the light bulbs start going off. Teaching IS the greatest job in the world and I hate to see well-meaning individuals bring it down with these types of initiatives. Instead of putting the time and effort toward raising salary, let’s raise awareness. Let’s focus on how we can change things at the local level. Let’s increase the involvement at our local schools. Let’s show the world that the work of a strong, dedicated group of parents, community leaders, school administrators, teachers, really can change the world. It needs to start small, as it gains momentum, watch out!

  2. I see no end in sight when it comes to finding errors coming out in school publications and notices. I could go on for pages about the reasons why I think it happens. I think, at the heart of the matter, it’s ignorance and arrogance.

  3. @ Jay said:”But I would also tell them that NO job in the world is more important.”

    I’ve heard that same argument many, many times, but it doesn’t hold water. Society tells us how valued our jobs our by how well they compensate us for our time. So, a CIS major with the same level of education is 20-50% more valuable than I am. So in a competitive job market, education will get what is left after higher paying positions have been filled. My response to, “Throwing money at the problem won’t fix it” is: Why not? We’ve tried about everything else. This would require a change in our society’s values. Something, sadly, I don’t see happening.

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