Here are my notes from the NETS-A Refresh session…

Dr. Don Knezek, CEO of ISTE, asked me to stand up and describe the innovative work that CASTLE and I have done regarding the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A). That was very kind of him to recognize our work. Thank you, Don!

Tim Magner, Director, Office of Educational Technology, United States Department of Education

  • We know how important leadership is.
  • We’ve spent over a decade on teachers and students but we’ve neglected our leaders.
  • Leadership involves change.
  • The new NETS-T (teacher standards) really emphasize modeling.
  • With leaders we have to take it up a notch.
  • The skills for leaders have to emphasize adaptation to a rapidly-changing world.
  • We need leaders to look beyond today to the next generation of school.

Table activities (responses of my group)

  • Identify three characteristics of administrators who are effective technology leaders.
  • The entire room seems to be in favor of calling it NETS-L (leaders), not NETS-A (administrators).
  • We worked on Standard VI (Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues).

It makes more sense to align the NETS-A with existing leadership standards (e.g., ELPS) than it does to align to NETS-S or NETS-T.