What I get to do every day


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  1. You are very lucky your school district has not blocked BLOGS, WIKIS, PERSONAL EMAIL, GMAIL, GOOGLE EARTH, GOOGLE MAPS, and all WEB 2.0 tools….so yea….we all would like to do this in our job, but some schools are still locked down by out of control network admins and principals who have no idea how or what to do with this stuff!

  2. Thank you for the moment of clarity. I’m an instructional specialist and often times people will ask me what I do. There isn’t really a good answer other than “I teach teachers.” From now on, I may just hand out business card sized copies of this pic.

  3. I think i need to leave administration and get into this racket. Certainly looks more fun than dealing with impossible to please parents and piles of joyous paperwork. I guess we’re all serving learning in the end.

  4. What a great visual! Maybe there are a lot of practical obstacles that clutter up our daily work, but isn’t this the kind of day we should all be creating/hoping for?

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