We have a client in the e-learning sector who is interested in advertising on
your blog. We find it relevant to our client and your blog to be of high
quality. We are interested in buying links site-wide, homepage links, link
within articles, or having you write about our client and linking to them. If
you are open to doing so, we can also provide the content Please write back to
me with your advertising rates and how much it will cost to sponsor a blog post
on your site. Also, if you run other blogs, please send those to me too. We will
be able to Paypal you immediately for these link placements.



Hi John,

Is $10,000 per sponsored blog post too expensive? I don’t
know what the going rate is these days for a sponsored post…


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the response. I think $10,000 for sponsoring a post is just too
much. We can pay you $50 for sponsoring a post for our client.

Let me know if you are interested.



That’s not enough. Thanks, though!

What I should have said

I appreciate your interest in my blog. However, please do me and my
readers the favor of actually reading some of our blog conversations first to
understand the focus of the blog and the issues that we address. If you then
make me an offer that meets the needs of our community (rather than your
company), I will at least give you careful consideration despite my general
reluctance to accept outside advertising on the blog. Thank