If you’ve been reading Speed of Creativity lately, you probably noticed Wesley Fryer’s nifty phrase: I’m here for the learning revolution.

I AM here for the learning revolution! Are you?

I suggested to Wesley that we have a button design contest because I love the idea of all of us wearing these at NECC. He agreed, so this is the official announcement that he and I are hereby sponsoring a contest!

  1. Design a button for people to wear at NECC (and beyond) that says I am here for the learning revolution  [no period at the end]
  2. You can (and should) use any of these buttons at Absorbent Printing as design guides.
  3. You may enter more than one design.
  4. Your design must be made available under a Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike 3.0 unported license and must be in a file format and resolution suitable for printing.
  5. Prizes include everlasting fame, a CASTLE mug, a picture of a monster drawn by my 4-year-old, and a copy of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky. If the design is suitable for a t-shirt, CASTLE will buy one of those for the winner too. Plus I think Wesley also might have some stuff for the winner.
  6. The deadline for submission is May 1. your file or a link to the file.
  7. If you have any questions, contact me.

CASTLE will pay for prizes and the buttons. Anyone who attends the Edubloggercon 2008 & Classroom 2.0 ‘LIVE’ session at NECC gets a free button. I’ll pass out the rest during NECC until they’re gone.

So I’ll be sporting at least two buttons at NECC: this one and another nifty one that says I read blocked blogs (designed by Stephanie, inspired by Bud). Awesome.

Happy designing!

Update: See the winning entry!