Over the past few years, I mentioned several times to Keith Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking
, that CoSN was a great organization for larger districts that had CTOs or CIOs that
supervised large staffs but that technology coordinators in smaller districts
didn’t really have an organization that represented their interests. Keith
rightfully replied that many of CoSN’s resources (which are superb in my
opinion) also were relevant and applicable to smaller districts’ needs. I
concurred but still wished that there was an organization that better
represented these folks. As I
noted way back in August 2006
when my readership was about 12 people, there
really isn’t a national association that represents the majority of people in
these positions like there is for principals, teachers, counselors, school
business officials, etc.

Although my desire for an organization that comprehensively represents
technology coordinators has yet to be fulfilled, in November 2007 CoSN unveiled its Small School
District Technology Leadership Wiki
. I can’t take any credit for this, of course, but I’m delighted. The wiki is chock full of information
for technology leaders in smaller districts and, of course, can be edited and
expanded by others. I encourage you to check out this
fantastic resource
and to contribute and make it even better. Thanks,

P.S. Join Keith and me later today for an online
chat about PK-12 technology leadership