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Today I had the odd experience of hearing United States Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), recipient of SETDA’s federal policymaker award for his co-sponsorship of the ATTAIN bill, say to the lunch crowd that he was going to tell us a few statistics that most of us didn’t know and then recite a few of the slides from the original Did You Know? presentation.

I think I’m proud? I know I’m glad he is behind ATTAIN. But I’m also going to send him the new version!

Here’s a paraphrase of a great quote from Frances Bradburn: “Yes, you absolutely need tools and training and all those other things. But the key is to begin.”

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  1. Wow, Burr and Bradburn. Sounds like North Carolina was well represented. I also noticed Greene County Schools (NC) listed, did you hear them? Also, any chance this conference is going to have podcasts of all these sessions?

  2. Hi Aaron. Yes, we heard quite a bit about Greene County. I heard that many of the sessions were being recorded – don’t know how/if they will disseminate those – check the web site in a week or two? I’ll look into it too.

  3. This is Stuart Ciske, a SETDA member and I believe that in a week or two we will have the items available for podcast. I will post a URL when the podcasts become available.

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