SETDA – Awards

Michael Flanagan, the Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction, won SETDA’s policymaker award tonight. My favorite quote: “Quit using overheads! The bowling alley had them before we did AND they got rid of them before we did!


Lan Neugent, Virginia’s Assistant Superintendent of Technology, won SETDA’s state leader of the year award. Kudos to them both!


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  1. Why?

    Overheads are just a tool. If someone’s gonna advocate throwing away all the hammers I hope it’s because there are no more nails in the world or because there’s a better tool for the job.

    Is Flanagan referring to digital projectors? Which are absolutely revolutionary but carry so steep a pricetag (+ laptop) it seems a little unfair chiding administrators for not providing them school-wide.

    Or is he saying that putting up images in front of a class shouldn’t be a preoccupation of teachers?

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