Out Factories

Bill Gates says U.S. schools are "broken." Alvin Toffler calls them relics of
a by-gone industrial age. Now, according to Johns Hopkins University
researchers, 1 in 10 American high-schools is a "drop out factory," where 60
percent of freshman do not even make it to their senior year. What a colossal
waste of human talent. The U.S. has been living off the educational investments
of other countries, particularly China and India, for the past several decades.
What happens if the supply of foreign talent dries up or decides to head


People are creative. We like challenging and creative work. Most of us do not
need to spend more time in educational prisons sitting like a bump on a log in
class or getting ready for the big game, the pep rally or the prom. We need to
be involved in stuff that activates creativity.