OLPC: Give one, get one

I’m with Wesley. When I got the news that the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program was starting a ‘Give one, get one’ initiative, I immediately e-mailed my wife, "This is what I want for Christmas!"

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  1. The give one, get one ploy has received a lot of press outside of the edubloc, mostly negative. Many are taking this as evidence that Negroponte overreached himself. Other countries aren’t buying up the units necessary to drop the marginal cost to $100 so he’s passing the un-savings on to you and Wes.

    Everyone seems pretty happy about it, though. One man’s treasure etc.

  2. The fact is, this project has changed the landscape regardless of how immediately successful it is. The hardware/software innovation alongside the price (which will continue to drop) will have its effects.

    I’m ordering 4 (divided by 2) come November.

    Hey Scott, are you ever going to send me my prize? 😉

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