Pierce, M., & Stapleton, D. L. (Eds.). (2003). The 21st century principal: Current
issues in leadership and policy
Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education

The essays in this volume examine the future of public schooling in the
United States – and what it will mean to be a leader in public schools – by
focusing on the issues that are most likely to have an impact on American
society within the next 20 years. (p. 1)

Total number of pages in book = 96

Total number of pages that discuss (and disagree about) the skills
needed for 21st century workplaces = approximately 3

Total number of pages that discuss the impact of digital technologies
on how K-12 education is delivered / done = 0

Total number of pages that discuss the need for school administrators
to be technology leaders = 0

Read the book title and opening quote again. Shake your head in