Not so thrilling?

A video of prison inmates in the Philippines remaking Michael Jackson’s Thriller is a big hit on YouTube. As is typical, the rebuttal is getting much less attention.

The truth is somewhere in all of this, although as an outsider I can hardly presume to know what it is. But this much is certain: these two videos certainly highlight yet again the importance of media and information literacy.

2 Responses to “Not so thrilling?”

  1. Hmmm, ~ 5 million views for the original vs. ~40 thousand for the rebuttal. We really need to equalize this, least it become a commentary on our own entertainment tastes.

  2. Wow Scott, that really is sick. Thanks for the heads up. We really need to find a way to use this example for those teachable moments in education. Millions see the side that Garcia wants us to see and think that this is some sort of a model for reform and rehabilitation. Yikes.
    I agree that we cannot assume that the truth is clearly painted by the rebuttal, but my gut is telling me that the rebuttal has more than just a nugget of truth to it. BD

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